Saturday, October 25, 2008

Civil War Music Coming

As most of my friends and family know, my first trip to Gettysburg this past July 1 -3 had a tremendous impact on me. Walking that battlefield exactly 145 years after my ancestors fought there created such a well of emotion in me that I needed to find an outlet for all it. As a vocalist and musician of many years, the obvious means of expressing these feelings was through music and so ... I am making the official announcement ... I am working on a new compilation of songs inspired by my experience.

I'm currently "in the studio" as it were (which, in my case, is our spare bedroom turned recording studio) and, with the help of my arranger and producer Alex Coleman of Daystar Recording, I am looking forward to a project that I am very excited about. I will keep you posted ... and am hoping my first cut will be released in the next several weeks!

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chupacabra said...

Excellant blog. You are quite possibly one of the most interesting persons living! Or blogging anyway. ;)

Keep up the good work.