Thursday, December 18, 2008

Movies to Love - "The Colt" (2005)

Now, I am not usually one to cry at movies, but "The Colt" got me big time. Put a big-eyed, helpless, baby animal in a Civil War movie about my ancestor's cavalry brigade, and I don't stand a chance of finishing it with a dry eye.

This somewhat obscure little gem is a real must-see for any Civil War buff, but especially those from Michigan. The scene not to be missed (and I promise there is no spoiler alert warranted but, perhaps, a tear-jerker alert) is when the main character, private James Rabb of the Michigan Cavalry Brigade, gets separated from his unit behind enemy lines. When some Virginia Unionists ask him where he's from, he tells them, "I come from Michigan ... a long ways away from here." When he's asked to tell them about his home, Rabb says, "I can't expect I'd rather live anywhere else," and tries to describe what Michigan is like but ... just can't quite get the all the words out before he breaks down and cries. Uggggggghhh, too much for my heart to take!!!

Check out the trailer below, which really doesn't do the film justice. Do yourself a favor and spend the whopping $2 plus shipping it will cost to order the DVD from and watch the whole movie.

Be prepared to offer up just the tiniest suspension of disbelief here and there with this one but, trust me, it's well worth it. And have the tissues handy!!!


slittlefox said...

Worked the Indiana History Train last fall. As I blogged about what I learned, I came across the Civil War site. Just now able to get around to reading the various and interesting blogs.

My gggrandpa, William O. Taylor, also served in the Civil War via Indiana. He was already middle aged when he joined near the war's end, but saw battle in Tennessee. I suspect he joined after one brother died at Andersonville Prison, GA and another was sent home to die of dysentery. So, it was with great enjoyment I read your information about your own ancestor.

mrsmichiganus2006 said...

Hi there, I'm glad you enjoyed reading about my ancestors as I did about yours, as well. I always appreciate hearing from other Civil War descendants. Thanks!