Monday, June 30, 2008

On the Road to Gettysburg

At long last!! Today, we left Michigan on our trip to Gettysburg for the 145th anniversary of the battle.

Jason and I stumbled upon an unexpected surprise when leaving the Pennsylvania Turnpike and heading southeast on the Lincoln Highway. This being the first road trip through Pennsylvania for both of us, we were surprised at just how mountainous the area is!

It was raining quite heavily on and off as we entered the Cove Mountains and, as we neared the summit, I could see that Jason was white-knuckling it just a bit. Ha! (For us life-long Michigan flatlanders, any change in elevation however is slight is often cause for alarm.)

But what a view at Tuscarora Summit, where we stopped for a bite to eat and snap a few photos!

Lincoln Highway postcard courtesy of the LHHC Archives.