Monday, February 28, 2011

"Born Killers: The Iron Brigade" tomorrow on the History Channel!

"Born Killers: The Iron Brigade" will be presented on the History Channel tomorrow, March 1, 2011 at 7 a.m. EST as part of its Civil War Journal series. Don't miss it!

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Ron said...

(1) Did you ever actually see “Born Killers” on History Channel? Every time I saw it listed, they showed a different episode. I have not found it for sale either.

(2) I love especially your rendition of “Two Brothers” but cannot find the “Daughter of the 24th Michigan” CD at any of the links – at best just a single cut. I would like the entire CD.

I wrote in to the blog once before. I’m a “nephew of the 24th MI” (John Ryder, Co. C, KIA Gettysburg 7/1) and also of the 1st MI Cav (Alfred Ryder, Co. H, MWIA, Hunterstown 7/2). Both grew up on the family farm which was at Plymouth Road and LeVan Roads.